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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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more than others. and rain is going to be mixing in in parts of the area too. it will complicate things. we have mostly sunny skies at the moment in parts of the philadelphia area. a lot of the showers that were around pretty much fizzled out. but this is not. this is going to be a nor'easter developing on sunday. it's going to produce moisture. the question is related to the temperature and will it be cold enough for snow for a majority of the storm for a majority of the area. it looks like it's going to be pretty much all snow north and west. that could be substantial accumulation. the timeline is 6 to 10 a.m. it would be melting at the start. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. a mix of snow and rain. all snow north and west. and at night that's when the greatest chance of accumulating snow is once you lose the
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sunshine of the day. you can see right now we just have a few showers left. most of these along the light side. we had a couple of heavier showers earlier but they continue to move out. we'll talk more about the snow chances with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, see you then. now, though, back to a narrow escape for a couple in south jersey. their house destroyed after a truck crashed into their living room. then it was on fire. the crash happened in salem county. nbc 10's cydney long spent the day there. this driver facing a host of charges now? >> reporter: jim, in fact he is. he's in trouble for reckless driving and interfering with an investigation for allegedly lying to police. thissy tell me he did pass a field sobriety test after his truck landed in the living room here and police later found pot inside that burned out truck. >> it was total shock.
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>> kathy said it was chaos when a driver slammed into her home. >> i woke up, i was disoriented, i saw the flames, i didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: the driver struck a gas line and ignited the house and his truck. a neighbor took this cell phone video as the fire shoots through the roof. it was unfolding as police encounter a woman running in the street, this is dash cam footage as they approach the home. walters and her husband a fireman, escaped before the ceiling came crashing down. >> my husband woke me and saved my life. >> the driver now charged with reckless driving and possession of marijuana and tampering with an investigation became worried about his burning truck. >> heard the noise, the guy screaming, trying to get the water hose. >> reporter: police say he said someone else was driving. >> he told us he wasn't driving.
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we were able to determine that he was. >> reporter: the woman in the street was in the car before slamming into the home. >> he was tested and was not intoxicated. >> we had cars in the yard numerous times. >> she is grateful no one got hurt and to her husband's fire company there. >> they were brave to fight the fire and we were able to save pictures. >> reporter: it took the entire day for restoration crews to put that tarp on top of the home. did it start raining. they boarded it up an hour ago. the walters took the dog and their two birds to a relative's home but told me they do plan to stay in a hotel until the home here can be rebuilt. live in pennsville, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> the head football coach at conestoga high school resigned from coaching, the earn tire staff of the varsity and jv football teams relieved of coaching responsibilities through next year. this all comes less than two
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weeks after the district attorney charged three players accused of assaulting a freshman with a broom stick in the locker room. part of a building came down in center city this morning, the section of the concrete floor collapsed, that sent a tree and a street lamp onto a school bus. the old whitman's chocolate factory building was under demoliti demolition. workers had the permits and collapse zone set up properly. but the debris pushed other items onto the bus. the driver says he is grateful kids were not on board. he had just dropped them off. >> four or five windows busted in, frames sticking inside. glass all over the seats. i had stones flying across the steering wheel. >> l and i says the property had numerous inspections and no violations. demolition don'ted. a mother charged with killing her own infant daughter.
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prosecutors charged 19-year-old jade fanz with murder. the woman accused of strangling her newborn and dumping her body. >> a man was shot and killed this afternoon, at least seven shots fired outside the home on north 31st street. the victim was shot in the back of the head. so far no arrests. in less than an hour hundreds expected to attend a burlington county school board meeting, they are upset about a possible school closing but police have suggested a solution that could keep the school open and also keep kids safe. the evesham police department says it will pay to keep resource officers in eight schools next year. right now the district and township split the half million dollar cost. if the district doesn't have to pay for policing, it might be able to keep evans elementary open. that public meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at the macy middle school. new at 6, nbc 10 learned the stalemate on the pennsylvania budget could force philadelphia's schools to begin
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summer break early. today the school superintendent told us money will run out very soon. nbc 10's lauren mayk is joining us from spring garden with the latest. >> reporter: jim, it cost millions, about $10 million a day to keep the philadelphia schools open. and today i learned the district will not make it until graduation unless state money comes through. in philadelphia's schools it's almost time for spring break. and the worry over school funding lingers. >> how are you doing the rest of the year? >> we will not make it through the rest of the year without the rest of the money. >> i sat down with the superintendent who is talking about the end of the school year, in late june. >> otherwise we again run out of money so we can't borrow more money. >> the district borrowed more than a half billion dollars and still hasn't paid any back yet. although it's received some state money, the governor and republican lawmakers still haven't settled on a full
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budget. the governor warned he will veto the latest budget he calls irresponsible and unbalanced. i spoke by phone with the republican chair of the house appropriations committee who tells me that budget would give the philadelphia schools an extra $4 t4$42 million. >> the fastest way to get this money to all of the school districts to finish out this fiscal year would be to pass this budget. >> the impasse drags on as the district prepares to hire hundreds of teachers to fill vacant positions. in recent years the district had layuf as, then brought some staff back. now it's looking for new hires. >> are there nerves about actually making those hires now? >> none whatsoever. and as a matter of fact we were anticipating about 400 vacancies, we ended up hiring 1,000 people. and we needed every one of them. >> reporter: i reached out to the governor's office, told them about the superintendent's estimate that they won't make it
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through the school year. a spokesman got back to me with basically the same information as was in the press release earlier this week saying that the governor has been fighting for historic investment in education and encouraging republican leaders to negotiate for a budget that funds schools and eliminates the deficit. lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." in decision 2016, a quiet day for the five candidates running for president. bernie sanders the only candidate with a scheduled event. it's tonight in arizona. today marco rubio revealed what's next for him after dropping out of the race. >> i'm not going to be vice president, i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to in fish my term in the senate, we're going to work hard. >> rubio also said he believes there is still time to prevent donald trump from being nominated on the gop side. new at 6:00, aramark considering moving its headquarters out of
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center city. our partners at the business journal say if it moves out of center city the navy yard or camden would be options. the aramark building called market street home for 30 years. the lease on the building expires in 2018. a spokesman told the journal it's reviewing options. it provides food, uniforms and facilities to clients, it's the fifth largest public company in the region. a firefighter burned his foot putting out this blaze in a west philadelphia row home this morning. you see the flames on the top floor. a person outside the building also had problems breathing and went to the hospital. what started this fire still unclear. a child killed from a fractured skull today the district attorney in northampton county charged the mother's boyfriend with murder. gary foley jr. accused of injuring a 17-month-old girl in 2015. it happened at a home in walnut port. he claimed the girl choked on a
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hot dog but today he and the mother heather were charged with child endangerment. three other children were living in what investigators called deplorable conditions. roots drummer quest love is remembering his father who died yesterday. his father was also the leader of philadelphia-based group lee andrews and the hearts. ♪ >> lee andrews formed the hearts back in 1953, andrews and quest love became the first matter son duo in the walk of fame. he posted last night calling the legend the greatest teacher in my life. andrews was 79 years old. a reputed new jersey mobster and convicted killer found dead in his home today.
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michael demattia was shot this morning in a hamilton apartment complex. he was also known as mickey rome and mickey capone. he was convicted two decades ago but only served three years in prison. next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, a local mob boss's daughter making an offer she thought they couldn't refuse. a decision whether to turn the mob house into a city landmark. also tournament time under way. temple and villanova in brooklyn getting ready for tomorrow. we'll go live to john clark. >> >> i'm tracking how much snow we're likely to get this weekend. if you have plans for sunday don't miss my forecast.
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>> bruno was known as gentle don running the italian mob until he was murdered in 1980. today hess daughter tried to get the home declared historical land mark as pamela osborne reports the offer was refused. >> i feel close to him in that house. >> you may not know by the number but 934 schneider avenue just may be the most infamous spot in south philly. up front is where angelo bruno
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was killed in 1980. today a new push for the old row home his daughter jean bruno with the help of a historian tried to get the home recognized by the city as a historical site. >> is i consider it an honor if the you would certify it. >> reporter: the argument didn't hold up. morrello argued that the very language used to go after bosses and members of organized crime exists in part because of him. >> so the the question for us, is this an articulate representation of the response of law enforcement to organized crime. >> reporter: how the laws connected to the physical home wasn't clear enough to the committee. >> i'm not sure that there is a strong enough connection. >> reporter: it was a disappointment to the late mobster's daughter. >> to me he is a hero and to everybody in south philly i ever met. >> reporter: an acknowledgement
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would have meant more in the way of change. >> i did want to give the organized crime strike force some credit for what they had achieved during the bruno years. >> reporter: you can see the house is up for sale, we've been told that there's quite a bit of interest in the property, jean tells me if she's able to she will sell it because it's time to move on. reporting in south philly, pamela osborne for "nbc 10 news." >> celebrating st. patrick's day with pride today. ♪ sounds of the holiday in philadelphia, nbc 10 at the irish memorial at penns landing, look at the dancers go. they were also irish song, bagpipes of course and philadelphia's irish mayor jim kenney helps lay a wreath at the memorial honoring the sigh rish immigrants and their pivotal role in philadelphia's history.
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it's not that unusual to get snow during the st. patrick's day period or even after that. we had snow in april, many times, even some flurries into may. so, some snow from may 20th, the first day of spring, not that unusual. we're tracking showers, we still have some around but they are not as much as what we saw. a colder weekend, then a sunday snowstorm. it's going to be affecting the entire area. sunshine now to end the day. clouds for much of the day. 58 the wind is north at 8 miles an hour. we're in the 50s and most of the area, even mount pocono is 50. we did get in the 60s. many places especially in delaware and south jersey where it's 60 degrees in millville and also in dover. we've got up to 63 degrees today, we're going to be close to that tomorrow. it's going to be windy. then the wind brings in the
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colder air for saturday and on sunday. it's really cold. because it's going to be snowing. raining much of the day. so that will keep the temperature down. showers left racing west to east. generally much, much lighter than what we saw. even an hour ago. as the sun goes down all that is going to fall apart totally. through the rest of the night, it's not all that cool for this time of the year. and then tomorrow we warm back up near 60, a few showers possible, not as many as what we saw today. then we watch to the south. as a storm develops along the north carolina coast, going to be one of those kind of classic nor'easters. it's going to be providing plenty of moisture. this is from the european model which has been consistent in the track of this storm, the development of the storm, the fact it's cold enough for snow in much of our area. the blues indicating potential snowfall accumulation. darkest blue indicating the
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heaviest. so accumulation is likely. especially later on sunday and into sunday night. and new england, looks like it's going to get hit the hardest. a little too early for specific amounts for specific places. to give you an idea of the potential relatively low to the south because a lot of it is rain or melting. and the rain and melting question is the only reason it's at medium from philadelphia south and east. it's going to be a lot of precipitation, a lot of hours of precipitation and so if more is snow, you've got a better chance of getting that four inches or more. it's a high chance. north and west because just about all of it is likely to be snow anyway. more on that coming later on tonight. showers early, clearing late. 44 degrees for the low. during the day tomorrow, windy day, gusts over 35 miles an hour. temperatures in the 60s. doesn't feel like snow coming but saturday is plenty colder and then it's cold enough for
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snow at least for a good bit of the day on sunday. then monday, windy and cold but it's not going to last. we have a huge warm-up wednesday and thursday. that snow will be melting. >> i'm john clark. coming up next, villanova and temple are getting set for the tournament games in brooklyn. we'll have a live report coming up.
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the ncaa tournament is under way. villanova, temple, st. joe's play tomorrow. villanova and temple both
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playing in brooklyn. that's where we find our john clark. hello, john. >> hey, john, yeah, villanova preparing for unc asheville. villanova one of the top two seeds. look, they hit the practice floor this afternoon and good news for nova nation, daniel, the center, battling a sprained ankle, says he is 100% and jay wright the coach said the same. of course, for nova, all of the seniors, keep hearing the talk, they can't make it out of the first weekend. they have gone home early the last two years. the seniors know this is their last shot. >> we don't like being a team known for an early section sit. we want to get past the first weekend but that starts with unc asheville. >> what is the most asked question that you guys get? >> there's always about the early exit the last two years,
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that is the biggest question that everyone asks. >> how are you coming up with an answer? >> just saying, that's in the past. totally different team. >> i think their drive to win a national championship is so much stronger than a drive to get past two games. >> reporter: how about temple. they practice right before villanova and shirts say it all. the motto, play for more. temple coaches were checking out film of the opponent iowa, and they know iowa is more experienced, their third year in the tournament. for the owls only jalen bond played in a tournament game. the owls are excited to be here. >> it's a dream come true. you watch it from the age of 6 years old to now, it's surreal. >> knowing that each game could be my last i want to try to leave everything i have on the practice court and also when we play the game. at first we were all happy when we heard our name.
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now it's like we're ready and we want to play and get these wins. >> reporter: the coach is keeping with tradition, when they played the big games in philly at the wells fargo center they take the subway. he is going to do the same here. they get here by way of subway. taking a little philly and bringing it to new york. john clark in brooklyn, back to you, john. >> a lot of philly up there. all right. the hawks take on cincinnati in spokane, washington, that is tomorrow. we'll hear from the hawks tonight at 11. the sixers return to action tonight as they host the wizards. the rookie okafor holding out on his knee surgery with the organization trying to determine the best course of action. that is sports. i'm john boruk.
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we're in the 60s again tomorrow, but don't let that fool you. by the weekend it's going to feel like winter and by sunday we've got a snowstorm that's going to be affecting the area. we'll have new data coming in
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and we'll update this coming at 11:00. ite be writing a blog about it too. developing news tonight. water wars. fireworks and finger pointing over who's to blame for the toxic crisis that has poisoned an american city. tonight, angry calls for an embattled governor as the epa head resigns. a storm of controversy forces the end of an era at sea world. what it means for the killer whales that made the theme park famous. hitting the brakes. a major announcement about life-saving technology. your car taking control, stopping a crash before it happens. sounding the alarm about a surge in kids rushed to the e.r. after swallowing adult medication. one every nine minutes. a new warning for parents. found alive, after five weeks missing at sea. you won't believe where they found one amazing puppy. "nightly news" begi


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